Saturday, October 18, 2014

Two Little Birds

My school look similar to Hogwarts with tall dark ceilings located in the middle of green dense forest. It has a huge round white wall clock in one of the ceilings. It's black pointers meet each other and it was 12 pm, familiar bell sound flies along with the windy air and it wake our ears which brought relief smile to our lips. It was the end of third period, it has one more class before our lunch break. A dark obese figure holding a book entered our class. My friend in the previous desk whispered "Dino" with a worried look. It was our Maths teacher Agnus, she was probably in her late fiftes, her face was mostly covered by big ugly specs. She have a nick name "Dino" because her appearance was little similar to dinosaur. I am Arun, studying 7th grade in this class. For me, maths is always a problem; I never got more than 50 in any exam. So, she hates me; I hate her more than that.

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