Sunday, October 20, 2013

Touch Thursday No : 3

This entry is for the Touch Thursday contest conducted by Preeti Shenoy. I have tried a fiction conversation between Anjali and Sriram.

“Dear passengers, the flight to New York have been delayed for 2 hours.”

It was announced at the airport. Anjali and Sriram were school friends belong to the same neighbourhood. Soon, they have lost touch and moved on with their own lives. They meet now at the airport and eventually their flight got delayed. They went for a coffee where they have lots of things (nearly a decade) to catch up.

Ignorance is bliss

Mr. Franklin entered his house after a long day. He is bald, slim, tall, whitish complex in his early forties. His wife cooked him his favorite dish; He could find it by the smell in his nostrils. He quickly refreshes himself and reached the dining table. Mr and Mrs. Franklin got married 15 years ago; they have a 12 year old son Tommy. Mrs. Franklin serves him dinner; she asks him to have a word with Tommy that he looks disturbed on something. Mummy always knows the kids feeling more than any other.  Franklin loves his boy more than anything. They often have their own world together.

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