Saturday, January 26, 2013

Touching Moments of Life

Following my first prompt, participating for second time in Preeti shenoy’s Wishlist Wednesday.
This week topic is “i wish i would touch”. Touch is really a beautiful feeling, there are two types in it. One is external touching someone’s physique and another one is internal touching some one’s soul. I will write about the moments and feelings of each and every touch i wanted in my life.

External Touch

First touch of Baby

I wish the moment when i first touch my baby, all my forefinger was covered by it’s hand. At that moment, You have given me a new reason for my life. Don’t worry, i will be there for you always. Your’s innocent smile was one of the beautiful things i have ever seen in my life. You will have that smile always, i promise you..
Lover’s first kiss

I wish the moment  when my first kiss will be delivered. I stand next to her, see her beautiful sparkling eyes. I felt she is the angel, God sent for me. Mild wind blows between us, drifts her hair in the air.  I put my hands on her head and slowly massaged her free flowing hair. We lip locked for few seconds, i could feel the breathe of her. It was a perfect kiss. Thank you for this wonderful memory, I couldn't forget this day in my life time. 

Friend’s Hug

I wish the moment when me and my best friend hug each other where we had meet after a long time. Tears dropped from our both eyes. Our life splits away in different directions. I keep thinking what are all the glorious trice he missed in my life and i missed in him.World’s first relation, we earn by our self was friendship.
Mom feeding food

I wish the moment  when my mom feed me. I have tasted so many foods in all my life but nothing is equal to this. She feed me with love and affection, that i cannot get it from anyone in the world.

Blind’s hand

I wish the moment when i help some blind people to cross the road. Seems, like a ordinary event. I have a fresh thought about it. For the first time in our life, we are holding hands of a people whose life fully depends on our hand.This trust we can't even earn from our loved ones.


Internal Touch


Living in other’s heart

I wish the day when i die, i should live in the hearts of at-least 100 people. Whom i never had any relations with them. May be, i made them feel better in any of the ways. We can’t see this touch but can feel it.


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