Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who is Ankita

The story and the characters are completely fiction. It doesn’t resembles anyone.

Valentines day is yet to come, where all the lovers in the universe spend this day romantically . For me, it was just another day. Each year, I say to myself in front of the mirror. “Hey Rahul, you will find a perfect girl and you will have a big romantic Feb 14 next year”. This year also the same.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I wish I could be like

I wish I could be like a strong spirited person like Marine Corporal Todd Love. In 2010, he lost his both legs and one hand during the explosion take place in Afghanistan.The blast was a defining moment in life for the Marine. From that point on, the injuries he had suffered would affect not only him, but his family, friends, fellow Marines and everyone else who knew him. The important options in life were reduced actually to two: He could spend the rest of his life as a “victim” and depend on the world for his basic needs, or he could resolve to live life to the fullest with not much more than sheer determination. Cpl Love chose the latter.

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