Saturday, January 26, 2013

Touching Moments of Life

Following my first prompt, participating for second time in Preeti shenoy’s Wishlist Wednesday.
This week topic is “i wish i would touch”. Touch is really a beautiful feeling, there are two types in it. One is external touching someone’s physique and another one is internal touching some one’s soul. I will write about the moments and feelings of each and every touch i wanted in my life.

Fortune Favors Me - Short Story

  Tring... Tring..
“Hello  Senthil..”
“Thank god, Meena where are you ? I have been reaching you for last one hour. What happen to your goddamn mobile ? Do you know what time it is ?”
“Sorry dear, My phone’s battery is down. What is Vimal doing ?”
“He is busy in his homework, Are you on the way ? Whether i will come and pick you ?”
“OOPS, forget the reason for the call. I am doing extra hours today. We need to deliver the project with in tomorrow.  It will take another couple of hours.”
“2 Hours !!! it will be midnight. Are you kidding ? How will you come ? Give the phone to your M.D , i need to talk to him.”
“please, don’t start again Senthil. Other girls are also staying with me. Nothing to worry , Cab will drop me home. I gotta go dear, take care of vimal.”

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wishlist Documentary

I would like to thank preeti for this wonderful opportunity of writing prompts. It really enrich everyone’s skills and ideas. The topic is ‘secret wishlist’. I am gonna write a little fiction documentary about ‘secret wishlist’. Imagine a reporter going to ask about wishlist to different age peoples.

 I am john, reporter idea behind this. i hate to be a protagonist, but i have no choice. I gonna ask the wishlist to different age set of peoples. it would be interesting, what they might have told. let’s check whether their wishlist change over a period of time.First let me start first with a 10 year old funny kid.

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