Sunday, August 25, 2013

Prank Call

It was a full moon with mild clouds and twinkling stars in the dark black sky.  The more I look at it, the more I remember her. She has a beautiful face quite similar to moon. Today is a big night for me, I invited her for dinner. I cooked her favorite dish, lighted candles in the dining table. I wear black dress; that was her favorite one. 

My mobile vibrate in my pocket, it’s a message. It’s from Sarah.
 “Baby, I am on the way xoxo.

I called her instantly, to check where she is. After few rings, she picks up the call.
I asked her “Hey, where are you?”

She has long curly hairs, glittering eyes and beautiful smile. She often wears Saree and looks perfect in it. She is a work alcoholic; she will not return home often. She replied in her sweet voice. “I am just a few block away and will be there soon.”

I rushed to my room and search all over for another mobile. I heard vehicle noises in the phone and realized that she is driving. I inquired with care. “How many times I have told you, not to talk when you are driving.”  

She giggles “Don’t worry dear, I am wearing ear phone. No problem at all.”

I banged on to my kitchen self door. I snatched on the garlic, it made me sick. I coughed continually. She might have clearly heard that sound.

“What is the weird sound there? Are you sick, dear? Do u has cold?”

I went to our bedroom and search underneath the pillow. She is an arrangement freak; she placed everything perfect in our home. She will keep all the safety and backup things in one place. Hence, I lied to her.
“Yeah, I am having cold for last two days. I can’t find the medicine. Where do you keep it? ”

She replied with care.
 “In TV shelf, third drawer there is cough syrup; take it two spoons.”

I got my mobile under that drawer. I took it in my hand.
“Thanks doc, looking for this for few minutes.”

I couldn't hear her voice clearly; I think she might have struck on traffic.  She cuts the phone and texted me.
Sorry, got a call from hospital. I need to go, u have nice dinner. I will catch up u tomorrow.” 

Once she typed this message, she turns left. She saw a well dignified person entering her car. He wears white court and black specks. He might also be a doctor just like her. They smiled; they might have known each other for quite a sometime. May be, it was more than that.

He asked in a naughty voice. “Whether he is ok, you can spend all night in my place?” 

She giggled and gave him a seducing look. “He believes me all the time. We can go and enjoy.”

As soon as I saw this message, my door bell rings. It was Anita, she wears a black dress and her pale face in that looks gorgeous just like the moon in the sky. I have prepared dinner and waited for her. Suddenly, my wife Sarah entered the picture. Thank god, she loves work than me.

Anita caught me with mobile; she asked me “Who was at the call?”

I replied her with fake smile “it was just a prank call”. 

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  1. WoW! Lovely story! Swing and Reverse Swing!!

  2. Room pottu Yosipie yo????
    Nice twist at the end :)
    well written for a short story.
    Your stories(34/100) has good twist at the end.. Keep writing... all the best :)

  3. So Nice,,,,, & So Creative,,,, Gud Story At All,,,,,!!!!! NICEEEeeeee!!!!!

  4. அதலால் காதல் செய்வர்

  5. Nice story ...,

    “it was just a prank call”

    Meaning full ...

    1. I have not yet saw that film yet.
      Thanks gopi...


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