Friday, August 30, 2013

Thinking Tom

It was a fiction. It doesn't resembles any person or technology.
Sun flashes right in my face; I wake up slowly, rub my eyes and heads downstairs. I reach the kitchen looking for pancakes. Mom usually hides it somewhere. “Kirk!  (Sound). Someone on the door behind me; I turn back; it was mom handing my brush.

Hey Bijju, there you are. First, brush your teeth. Don’t forget, Ammu is coming home this weekend. Install that cat application in your phone. She asked that last time.

Ammu was actually my cousin. She likes to play with my mobile. I took my phone; it was a pretty messed up phone. There is no space for new apps. I searched for talking tom application in play store. Thinking tom was the first application came in the list. I install that application because it occupies less space than others. I started testing it because certain applications won’t work on my phone.

A tom just like talking tom appears on the screen.

Bijju: “Hey Tom, how are you?
Tom: “Fine Rat, who are you?

I checked the about page for this app. It states 'enjoy conversation'.
B: “Rat, me! What’s happening?
T: “You look like that.
B: “You can see me?
T: “Not more than one time.

The problem should be in my phone.
B: “Some settings problem. I hope.
T: “You have lot of problems than settings.
B: “What? What are they?
T: “Your smell! OMG when did you last take bath.
B: “Hey, you can smell me as well.  Don’t tell ‘not more than one time’.
T: “Ok. I swear not even one time.

It is one of the devastating app; I expressed my anger.
B: “Don’t you know how to talk filthy creature.
T: “I can actually talk in five voices.
B: “Which one will give respect to others?
T: “Respect depends on the person.
B: “I have downloaded you for Ammu.
T: “Ammu! Does she look good?
B: “She is just a five year old idiot.
T: “What a perfect match. Me too.
B: “She is a human.”
T: “I am far better than that.”
B: “That’s funny. You are making me smile.”
T: “I heard everyone will look beautiful in smile.”

That is the first time; it said something good about me.
B: “Hmm. Thanks.
T: “Unfortunately, you are the exceptional one.

I lost my patience in it.
B: “That’s it, I am uninstalling you.
T: “Hey wait! I want to meet Ammu.

I uninstall the application and threw my phone on the bed and went to brush. I move toward the basin. I saw a disgusting rat running towards its hole nearby. I look myself in the mirror; I told my image “you look far better than rat.” 

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  1. Seemed to be a nice hilarious app... but then hilarity survives only if it reaches the parliament, and not when it is in your own phone! :) Nice post.

    Arvind Passey


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