Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Backbenchers : The Extra class! - Book review

I have completed my eighth book but strangely this year's first one. I always like to share my thoughts on books I have read but never got the time. Finally, started to do book review.

The Backbenchers : The Extra class! is a book written by Siddarth oberoi published by Grapevine Ltd. I bought this ebook in Flipkart and it is for some 50 bucks. Needless to say, Flipkart service is always good.

It's a story of Ananya, a small town girl moves to big delhi for her 12th standard school. Initially she was reluctant and consider herself misfit. Soon, she adjusts and made some new friends Yuvraj, Rishab, Radhica and Naman. Natasha, the head girl is a control freak; she controls the whole school including her puppy boyfriend Yuvraj.

Ananya was initially attracted to Yuvraj, since he is in relationship with Natasha, she kept this inside her heart. Did she finally got Yuvraj ? Whether Natasha and Yuvraj breakup ? What happen to Naman, Radica and Rishab ? was given in a more entertainment and realistic manner.

I would like to split the pros and cons of the book which will give you a clear idea to go for.

  • It is an easy read has 17 chapters. one can finish it in 3 hours.
  • It is somewhat similar to Chetan bhaghat because the language was easy and understandable.
  • Scenes and dialogues are very gripping.
  • It's very realistic, connecting facebook status inside was particularly good.
  • Natasha was very lovable from the start.
  • End connects to it's sequel.

The cons are

  • It's for pure entertainment, don't look for any moral and all.
  • No protagonist in the story.
  • Some pages have only dialogues, don't know who is telling whom.
  • It's too much for school (Guys with cars, Girls with short skirts, make out, breakup...)


  1. Guys with cars, Girls with short skirts, make out, breakup...

    It may not be too much those schools, i feel :P

  2. Who knows ?
    It sounds too much for me.

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