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Who is Ankita

The story and the characters are completely fiction. It doesn’t resembles anyone.

Valentines day is yet to come, where all the lovers in the universe spend this day romantically . For me, it was just another day. Each year, I say to myself in front of the mirror. “Hey Rahul, you will find a perfect girl and you will have a big romantic Feb 14 next year”. This year also the same.

I had a crush here and there but nothing was transformed to love. As in many cases, the relationship ends before it begins. Look wise, I am neither a nerdy geek nor a charming cute. My mother told me that I look exactly like the  hero of her favorite film. To her, I am a chocolate boy. In reality, I am invisible to girls. No one gives a shit about me. I am also shy to girls as I can easily entertain a group of guys. But, even if one girl joins the group, I feel nervous. I can’t help myself in that situation and feel embarrassed about it.

I work as a customer support executive in Shell Connectionz, a BPO company. To my bad luck, all of my team members are guys. There are many girls in a development team, as they are residing in fifth floor. We were on the fourth floor. Our manager Nikumbh will only go to development team to discuss matters. I often heard rumors that he will flirt with girls.

We are not permitted to go there. If he finds anyone who went there, first  there will be inquiry. Then, it will be termination. Some guys even does it boldly and got dismissed. Everyone knows the next guy on the list would be Michael. He will always talk with the girls in development dept through mobile. The very intriguing part about him is his smile. He smile always no matter what happened. Once Nikumbh caught him and almost throw him out of the office. He came out with a smile. He is such an unbelievable guy. He always sits next to me. I wonder  “How he got so many girl friends ?” “When did he talk ?” “How did he get their no ?”. Till today, I got no idea about his act. He understands me very well. He advised me to try fb which suits my style where I no need to look them neither talk to them.

After some hesitation, I joined in fb. I give friend request to all cute display pictures. Some accept where many reject. I share posts, pictures, videos to attract them. I atleast get some female friends who are very rarely online.

One night as i was getting bored, I got a friend request from an unknown girl named Ankita sharma. She put a puppy as her display pic. I wonder why girls always have a dog picture, which is pretty annoying to see. In no time, I accept the request and invite her to chat.

Rahul : Hi, How r you ?
Ankita: Gd, nd u ?

She seems less interested in me(my display picture). When girls type less, the least they are interested. Anyhow, I started

Rah : Fine. Your dp is cute. S dat your puppy ?
well, that is the most annoying dog, i ever seen.
Anki : yeah, dat is tiger. my darling.

Whether she told me or tiger. It was my least sense of humor. Whether she'll take it in humor or not, i typed and retyped it again.
Rah : me or tiger.

2 minutes gone, no reply.
Rah : just for fun. J
5 min gone, no reply.
Rah: der ?

I decided to sign off, suddenly i received her reply.
Anki: sry, went outside.
Rah: no problem.

I wonder why girls always take break at a poor time. I just continued.
Rah: u r from Chennai ?
Anki: y?

What kind of reply is this, i murmured. Anyway, I paused and typed.
Rah: I m also in Chennai. if you r, then we can meet.

2 min gone, no reply. Finally got a shocking reply.
Anki: I meet you every single day. U hardly notice me.
Rah: R u kidding me ?
Anki: 2day, u came in red shirt.

Wait a sec, how would she know that i wore a red shirt today. May be, some guy is messing around with me.
Rah: stop it.
Anki: y?
Rah: Tell ur original name ?
Anki: Ankita :)
Rah: No:(.  I won’t believe u. I am warning u to stop this crap.
Anki: y?
Rah: I never know any Ankita before.
Anki: I saw you daily nd u r sort of serious guy.
Rah: so, you work in Shell.
Anki: :) got to go. Bye tc.
Rah: wat, wait

She has already signed off. I don’t know who is behind this crap show. I called almost every guy in my office inquiring about the chat. Everyone regrets it, I have no clue about the culprit. My best friend, Michael told “Seriously dude, why I wanna waste time with you ?”. His word really lit a bulb in my mind. I ask myself  “Why, any guy wanna waste time with me ?” “What if, it is originally her ?”
I keep glancing her profile, trying to find any clue. She got five fb friends. Wait a min, there was Rambabu, one of her friends. I know him, I met him in one interview during my job hunt days.
I got his no, long time back. Let me try his no and check whether he is using it or not.

“Hello, babu”. I inquired 
“s, who s dis ?”. he is clueless of me.
“I m Rahul. We meet at Sutherland interview.”  Well, as far as I know, this guy is always proud of himself. So, i didn’t keep in touch with him.
“Yeah, you. How long time it is ? I am now manager of Bharat Soft. You still work in BPO ?”
Here comes, he begins.
“Sorry,  I lost your no. I just now found it in fb.” I sweetly lied to him.
“Yeah, in fb, I have more than 200 friends. Out of it most are girls”. I murmured “Who ask this idiot?”
“Do you know Ankita from fb ?” I begin with the reason for the call.
“Well,  I know a lot of  girls named Ankita. Who u r talking about ?”
Even this fatso have more girl friends.
“Ankita Sharma, she has puppy image as dp.”
“Well, that girl. She invited me and so i added her. I don’t know about her yet. I will talk to her and let u know.”

I hung up the call, I can’t take any of his hectic speech. I went to bed with lot of confusion. I recalled every face of the girl in my office and tried to match with Ankita. Finally, a girl disturbs my sleep. I don’t know whether it is good or bad.

I rushed to the office next morning in intention to find the black sheep. I pleaded with every guy, none of them agreed. Some asked about her fb identity, but I hesitated to give them. My worst fears are “What would be if it’s a real girl, who likes me ?”

I began my second day of chatting with her. I logged in and waited for her. After a while, she appeared online.
Rahul: Hey, plz tell me who r u ?
Ankita: 2day, u came in blue checked shirt. Pretty cute.

I made a plan. I wore a jacket covering my shirt on the way from my home to office and vice versa. She noticed my blue shirt confirms that she is in my office. I don’t want to act smart. I continued with my innocence.
Rah: u know me. i don’t know you.
Ank: u r boring me. plz, chat anything else.

I wanna try this game differently. Hence, i started
Rah: u wear black chutti today. u must be Swetha ?

Actually i don’t know anyone named Swetha. I presume now, she will ask more questions about  Swetha. With in a blink of eye, i received a reply.
Ank: who is Swetha ?
Rah: u
Ank: no. Do u like her ?
Rah: s

5 min gone, no reply. As usual, i surrender myself to her.
Rah: sorry, i don’t know any Swetha. I just played with u. :)

2 min gone, no reply.
Ank: good try. boys r terrible liars.
Rah: so, u r a girl.
Ank: still had doubt ?
Rah: s. u from development team ?

5 min gone, no reply. She finally enters text as I can see from my chat box. I waited all day long for this one reply. As I looked up and say “Thanks, god”. Suddenly, she signoff. Wait, everyone goes offline, seems like there is a problem with my network connection.  I tried to fix it quickly, then within a min power also gone. I again look up “Oh God, you are really playing with me.”

On the next day in office, I couldn’t focus on my work. All I think about is Ankita. Where is she ? How will be she ?. These thoughts run through my mind all day. I wanna go to the fifth floor in the pursuit of her. Michael told me that is not a cool plan, where Nikumbh have gone outside and can come anytime. The lift on the fifth floor is under construction. So, anyone can pass the fifth floor through fourth floor steps. So, I joined Michael also in my plan. I asked him to stand in the 4th floor corridor and give me a missed call if Nikumbh came by. I went to the fifth floor, pretend to be a stranger, not a sales guy in the same office. I hide my identity card in pocket and pretended to be a stranger. I was welcomed by a beautiful receptionist. She gives me a fragile smile. I just thought in my heart, how great it will be, if she is Ankita.

“Whether Ankita work here ?” I asked in a calm voice
“Who are you sir ?” She spoke with such a professional voice.   
“I am her cousin, Badshah. I know she works in this company. I don’t know which section.” I give a fake smile.
“There is no one named Ankita here. May be go to sales section. It is down stairs. I think there is no girls there.”

That’s it. My heart stopped. All the things I have done now was utter waste. I have to wait till evening to find who is the one I have been chatting for last two days.
“Ho, what s the name of this company? Travis  s n’t it ?” I know Travis is in third floor.
“No sir, Travis is on the third floor.”
“Sorry, my mistake.” I gotta leave from there. I even saw some girls gathering around and pointing towards me.Whether they are talking about me ? Whether Ankita is there ?

I didn’t receive any missed call. so I went down to my department. I saw Nikumbh entering our dept door through steps. He caught me. I have no signs of Micheal there. I later know that he got a call from his girlfriend and he went on talking, bloody bastard.

“What are you doing upstairs ?” He asked with his eyes widened
“I.. I went there to collect some details.” I know I am a terrible liar.
“What ? Who send you ? This is wrong, come to my room.” He yelled at me.

SHIT HAPPENED IN OFFICE (Everyone came to know about this)

After office, I went to my room with frustration and depression. I am in no mood to see the fb. But, i want to say a goodbye to this stinky girl. So, I logged in, to my surprise she already typed a message for me.

“I am so sorry, Why u have done this to yourself ?” She still did not close her identity.

It adds fuel to the fire. I am not interested to have another dumb conversation with her. So, i typed my last message.

“Thank you for dragging me to this hell. This is my last message. I never want to see nor chat with you. Get lost..”

After 3 weeks, thing turned normal. Everything settled back as previous.
“Hey, tell your original name.” I began again, hoping this time will be better than last one.
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  1. The way story narration is good :)

    Its fiction. It doesn’t resembles anyone. :P

  2. Hey Nachi, first of all congrats, nice to read this, awaiting for part II


    1. Thanks, i m also waiting for second part to be happen.

  3. hahaha.. back to square one! nice :)

  4. wov wonderfull presentation, story narration superb. really impressed on this story. i think in next part michael will find who is ankita....... rahul is always in search of who is she ? .......

    1. Thank you sir. Nice way of thinking.. :)

  5. Hey,
    Keeps us focused..
    Waiting for part II

  6. Semma Story,,,, It'sss getting Pretty Intrested,,,, madly Waiting For the to Be Continued Sesion,,,,, Pls Write it Soon,,,,,,,,,,, I no WE want To Know who IS ANKITA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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