Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ignorance is bliss

Mr. Franklin entered his house after a long day. He is bald, slim, tall, whitish complex in his early forties. His wife cooked him his favorite dish; He could find it by the smell in his nostrils. He quickly refreshes himself and reached the dining table. Mr and Mrs. Franklin got married 15 years ago; they have a 12 year old son Tommy. Mrs. Franklin serves him dinner; she asks him to have a word with Tommy that he looks disturbed on something. Mummy always knows the kids feeling more than any other.  Franklin loves his boy more than anything. They often have their own world together.

Franklin reached Tommy’s room only to find him under the bed sheet; His eyes soaked in tears. He never saw his son like this before; He knows that his son needs him. He occupied in Tommy’s little bed. Tommy turned back, wiping his tears off.

Franklin enquired “Hey, champ. What’s the matter? Only girls will do the crying stuff. It’s not our thing.”

Tommy told in his tiny voice “Dad, do I look weak?”

Franklin smiled “Weak, no. You look very handsome dear.”

Tommy hugs his dad “But I am not like them.”

Franklin asked “Who champ?”

Tommy explained his scenario “Well, I went to practice today. I always like soccer game. My coach told that I don’t have the stamina to run. Other guys laugh and treats me like douche bag.”

Franklin now sits and makes Tommy to sit parallel to him. “Listen to me champ. The real strength of doing what you want is not here (grabbing his shoulders); It was here (pointing towards his heart). ”

Tommy eyes widened; He sees his father like a baby sees the moon.  Franklin smiled. Tommy told with a pause. “Dad, but I am scared.”

Franklin grabs his hand; fold his fingers and keep it in his heart. Tommy can hear the heart beat sound of his father.
“It’s my heart speaking. I too scared. We all scared; but the thing we love, we wanted to do in life should overshadow the fear in us. When I first started the business, no one supported me. I suffered a lot financially. My friends, relatives told that my life is gone. I was scared then your mom comes in my life. She believes in me with her whole heart. She gives me the strength to fight. I recognize me then and started working really hard. Look what happens now; my friends, relatives want their son to work in my company. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.”

Tommy smiles with tears in his eyes. Franklin hugs his son; he kisses him in his forehead and said make him sleep in the bed. He whispers in his ears good night. He switch of the light and went back to his room. He turns back (smiles to himself) He realised that his little boy is growing. Tommy went to a peaceful sleep. He couldn’t forget that day in his life neither his father’s words.

[Two weeks later]
ST Anne’s school beat Agnes mount school with 2 – 1 goal. It was a sensational goal at the last minute by a debutant kid Tommy. He proves that height, weight, age is just a number to this game.

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