Sunday, October 20, 2013

Touch Thursday No : 3

This entry is for the Touch Thursday contest conducted by Preeti Shenoy. I have tried a fiction conversation between Anjali and Sriram.

“Dear passengers, the flight to New York have been delayed for 2 hours.”

It was announced at the airport. Anjali and Sriram were school friends belong to the same neighbourhood. Soon, they have lost touch and moved on with their own lives. They meet now at the airport and eventually their flight got delayed. They went for a coffee where they have lots of things (nearly a decade) to catch up.

Phone ringing on Anjali’s handbag; she picks the phone “Hello, mom. Yeah, the flight got delayed again.”

Sriram gave a puzzled look. He inquired “Mom?”

Anjali smiles back; “Yeah, I am living with my mom. I have not married yet.”

He questioned her “Why?”

She replied with a confident voice. “I hate guys; they are always after one thing with each girl. I am waiting for the right one.”

He smiles “Right one! Do you also have a checklist?”

She rises her eyebrows “Of course I do, so did every girl. Some are lucky to find them very early. Well, I am waiting for my man.”

He takes a deep breath and asks “What are they?”

She looks up, down where her cheek turns red. She tells “The main three things are love, security and finance. Love is something magical or unconditional one; I need to realize in him. He needs to support me with heart and as well financially. ”

He stressed the word “Financial?”

She smiles back “it’s not like big cars, houses; he just needs to take me shopping every week, picnic every month, vacation abroad every year. It’s just middle class status.”

He again stresses the word “Is that a middle class scenario?”

She questions him “Ok, enough about me. How about your love life Romeo? You used to have lots of girlfriends.”

He shakes his head “That was a very long time ago. I have been shifting to lots of places in the last decade. So, I never got any long standing relationship.”

She puzzled her question “So, what do you need in a girl? Do you have a checklist?”

He smiles back “We won’t call it a checklist; may be a Hotlist. She needs to be hot.”

She takes a deep breath “See, guys are always after one thing.”

He explained “Well, everyone needs his girl to be pretty. Pretty is not how she looks, she should respect my family. She should be caring, talkative, independent girl.”

She questioned “You are covering that up. Wait a min, respecting your family? Whether we are marrying you or your parents? Mother in law never likes her daughter in law. ”

He shakes his head “My mother can’t spend more than 2 days in my brother’s place but she can spend more than 2 months in my sister’s place. You marry some guy; you bring your parents close to him but throw his parents away. ”

She got some anger “That’s not true.”


  1. Yessssssssssssssss...... thats not trueeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. You have only sister. If you have brother, u might have know. :)

  2. A good conversation. Check list is what every girl posses.

    1. Thanks Kranthi. They do, check every girls post. same blaa bla

  3. Nachi, on your comment on MIL and DIL. Well, this is what many of them grow up learning, or shall I say grow up being taught. They fail to understand (and increasingly refuse to understand) that they should form their opinion based on their experience, not on their mother's experience or their sister's half-baked knowledge. Alas, life is not always fair.

    1. I just heard it from some MIL and DIL and I mix it with my opinion as well. Well said, life is not always fair.


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