Saturday, September 20, 2014

Aranmanai Movie Review

Aranmanai is a comedy horror film but neither the comedy, nor horror is substantially good. Sundar.C gives a slight disappointing movie when compares to his previous two films (Kalakalupu and Theeya Velai Seyanum Kumaru) Three girls in the movie have done a good job especially Hansika. It might be her best performance in terms of acting. Vinay has nothing to speak of. Santhanam's one-liners, Kovai Sarala and Manobala managed to tickle our funny bones.

Murali(Vinay) and his wife Madhavi(Andrea) visits the village in order to sell the old palace. A scary ghost comes from the mirror and kills some of the servants one by one. It also makes their stay a little longer. Madhavi suspects the spirit few times and pleads Murali to trust, but he didn't mind her. Soon Madhavi's brother Sundar(Sundar.C) enters the palace and promises to solve this mystery. Sundar slowly discovers that the spirit was Selvi(Hansika) who has gone missing five years ago.

A flashback reveals that Selvi loves Murali and wishes to marry him. When she was just about to express her feelings, she was killed by the theft servants in order to hide their robbery. Selvi's spirit takes Madhavi's body and wishes to remain as Murali's wife. Sundar tries to save her sister, finally after some hurdles he succeed in separating Selvi's spirit from Madhavi.

The plot is very similar to many tamil horror movies; It has a mixture of Chandramuki, Arunthathi, Kanchana and 90's Amman film. My friend sitting near me predicts the story from the first 15 minutes itself. It was like an old wine in a new bottle. Ghost scary scenes have taken from the Hollywood movie Mirrors, Grudge etc. Overall, it is an average film which scares you with humor.

  • Gorgeous Hansika steals the show completely. She looks so beautiful in sarees and her acting has been improved a lot.
  • Andrea does a neat job. She is a bit scary towards the end.
  • Although the comedy factor works to a certain extent, thanks to Santhanam's one-man show, the movie doesn't get scary or peak at any moment.
  • Rai laxmi is a glamour doll.
  •  Plot is very easily predictable.
  • Apart from few humor, most didn't turn funny.
  • Songs just add to the film's length which was little irritating.
  • Vinay is surely a miscast; he doesn't suit for this film.
  • Sundar.C should concentrate more on directing rather than acting. Although he does a good job, I miss the spark which he delivers in his previous films.


  1. Sundar C’s Aranmanai Isn’t Meant For All
    Aranmanai, the Sundar C directed film has come out of censor certification with a U/A. The film said to be a horror comedy has Hansika, Andrea, Raai Laxmi, Sundar C


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