Monday, July 7, 2014

Heaven is for real - Book review

It was my first book in 2014 and tenth book on all count. I fortunately bumped into "Heaven is for real" trailer on Youtube. I surfed for the movie. Many reviews told to read the book rather than watching the film. It was also my first foreign author book, got a little problem in certain words but thanks to the dictionary. it is also an easy read, completed the book in 3 hours.

Todd Burpo is a small town pastor living in Nebraska along with his wife Sonja and two children. Cassey is 6 years old and Colton is approaching 4. Colton had a bad burst appendix 6 months back; he was very weak and almost dead during the surgery. It was a very tough period of Burpo's family. They struggled emotionally and financially and their only hope is God.

 God answered their prayer and gave Colton back. Doctor calls it is a miracle. After a few months, Todd suspect that something was wrong with Colton's behavior. He sometimes talks unusual about his visit to heaven. He reveals that Todd was in the other room praying where Sonja was on phone during his operation. Todd first thought he might have a dream. Soon, believes the miracle because Colton was more specific on his vision.

In a next few months, Colton opens his heaven experience slowly. He tells that he was sitting on Jesus lap where angels were singing at him. Everyone wears white and they all have wings. Todd inquired about Jesus appearance, where Colton points that he had markers in his hand and legs. Todd soon understands the only common thing in earth and heaven is Jesus wounds.  

Colton also reveals that he saw his great grandfather and his stillborn sister. He was able to identify his great grandfather's photo who died 30 years before his birth.  His still born sister keeps hugging him always that she is the first one that he meets in heaven. She was nameless as their parents doesn't name her.

During the end credits, Colton confirms the picture of Jesus which was drawn by Akiane Kramarik was the closest resemblance. Akiane is primarily a self-taught painter. She states that God spoke to her when she was three years old, encouraging her to paint and draw her visions.

  • It is one of the easy reads, one should have finished in a couple of hours.
  • Some scenes gave you goosebumps.
  • It was easy to picture heaven based on Colton vision.
  • This book reveals some great mysteries which every believer hopes to be true.
  • This book is not preferable for atheist.
  • The writing was not a best one, they tried hard to match pages. 
  • Film is very bore, book is a much preferable one.


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