Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wishlist Documentary

I would like to thank preeti for this wonderful opportunity of writing prompts. It really enrich everyone’s skills and ideas. The topic is ‘secret wishlist’. I am gonna write a little fiction documentary about ‘secret wishlist’. Imagine a reporter going to ask about wishlist to different age peoples.

 I am john, reporter idea behind this. i hate to be a protagonist, but i have no choice. I gonna ask the wishlist to different age set of peoples. it would be interesting, what they might have told. let’s check whether their wishlist change over a period of time.First let me start first with a 10 year old funny kid.

10 year old’s List
* Play with friends : I want to play with my friends all day.
* School days : I hate schools, I hate especially maths.
* Good health : I wish everyone should have good health and long life.
* Good parents : I wish my parents should not fight often. it makes me sad.

It’s good, a ten year old wish about their parents, friends and precisely everyone’s health. it was obvious he/she hate schools and maths. At this age, life is fun for them. They want to enjoy it. I even wish to be a kid if you ask me. Now we can ask from the charming teenager.

20 year old’s list
* Close friends : i need lot of close friends. A friend who will be with me at all cause.
* First Love : World’s best moment, i wish the moment should come to me.
* College days : Most wonderful days in life. i wish it never comes end.
* Good looks : I wish i should have good looks to impress him/her.

hmm OK, teenager cares about looks to impress. He/She needs love, it is a great feeling in life. No one should miss that. Loving anyone is the easiest job, but choosing the correct one is very tough. Lot of people pick a wrong one and blame love. it is a little surprise, there’s a no point about their parents neither society. People call them India’s future. Well, we can now ask a perfect gentle, genuine 30 year aged.
30 year old’s list
*Understanding partner : i dreamed of a partner with such a potential. obviously, i was disappointed. i wish at least he/she should understand me.
* Dream job : I always wanted to be in that profession. I just do my job for money and society. I wish that  i would probably do that profession a little later. After settling my family.
* Lovely child : My parents raised me beautifully. but, still i feel something better they can do. i am gonna do that to my kid.
* Money : I need money to spend with my family. we need a weekly outing, monthly picnic and a yearly abroad trip.

sound’s sad, he/she might have lost the joy that they have during their teenage. it’s about job, partner, child and obviously money. Seems he/she is now responsible. They kill their dreams and approaching more towards money. They doing things that they are not comfortable with maybe due to some pressure.We can’t find a 40 year old. They are pretty busy i guess. but, we got a 45 year old.

45 year old’s list
* Taking care of parents : My parents are getting old. My dad just losing his knowledge. Mom’s site was going down. I need to be with them more. but my wife/husband won’t allow me often. I wish to be with them in their last stage.
* Guiding kid : My kid was now studying in a prestigious institute which was some 400 km from here. I just worry about him/her. Teenage is important stage in life. He/She may easily divert to the wrong path. I wish to guide and take care of my kid.
* Social Awareness :  I really want to contribute to the society some where. Helping orphans, poor people, some sort of things will always make me happy. I want to do something for next generation.
* Investing : The next big worry is about me getting older.  I wanna make sure about my retirement plans. I can’t ask my kid. My parents suffering a lot now. I wish we doesn’t do that same mistake.

oh ho, sounds like my dad. They are pretty mature and they accept what life has given them. not much complaining. They want to take care of their parents, but can’t do it. They want to advise and guide their kid, but can’t do it either. it seems like a boy knows to swim, but put in to sea with his hand’s and leg’s tied. He can’t swim because of the pressure of his own hands and legs. it is the same case here. Now, we can join our last participant, a 70 year old.

70 year old’s list
* My Passion died : I wish i want to do something in my life. I always wanted to be a writer, but i don’t take that profession because of my fear of money. I skip my passion to the very end. now, i can’t either think or write. it already died inside of me. I wish at least to write one small novel.
* 2nd Chance : I need a another life. I want to meet all my friends , i have gone through in my life. i want to spend time with them. i miss the love of my life through fear. i wish i would get her/him back. Somehow, my kid even brought up worst than me. i wish i could go back and change it. I never done anything for my lovely partner. No one in my life is as much important as them.           
* Quick death : I can’t eat, sleep, walk well because of medicines and it’s side effects. My vision and hearing sense are bit lost. I see my kid suffering to take care of me.  I should not be a burden to anyone. I want a peaceful death.

great, touching one. He/She mostly want to relive his/her life. Their wish list changed over the period of time. They even invites dead. They understand life now very clearly, problem is they don’t have enough time to live it.  Old people can't do anything, so they advise us to do it. we never understand them, we thought they lived in a old dump age. It is evident that they need a second chance to live their life.

Documentary went pretty nice. One thing i have learned very clearly. i am gonna quit this reporter job. My ambition is to be a dancer. I am gonna dance again. whether i will make more money or not, i don't want to end like this oldie. I break up my girl for silly reason. i am gonna call her. Wishlist thought me a lesson. I hope that you might also.


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