Thursday, January 29, 2015

Things that define me

I am going to write about my friend Deepika Muthusamy. She is a blogger, author, trekker, marathon runner and software engineer . I interview her about each of these things and get an interesting reply. These are the following questions I have asked her.

When do u start blogging? What for?
My sister's son Sanju is my inspiration for my first post. I can't forget that day when he was born, I just started in IBM. I didn't get leave at that time; I had high hopes of meeting him. I meet him only at the weekend. It was one of my wonderful experiences; I want to share it with everyone. It started like these and soon I got more visitors who give me more confidence to write.

How is the experience of your first book?
It was really tough to write one full book. It took me almost two years to complete. I want to thank my parents and friends without their support; I would have never achieved this. When my book release, I felt complete satisfaction that all my hard work was rewarded finally.

What is the best complement you have receive about your book? 
I got a lot of positive response from my friends, family, well-wishers. My colleague Rahul told me that he could connect the story very much to his life that was the best one I received.

Why Marathon running? 
I was never a runner in my school, college life. I completed few marathon tracks which I was never aware of it. It was even a surprise for me to cross border. To be honest, my mind usually thinks about a lot of things. When I started running, I never think about anything just the track, people encouraging on either sides. I sometimes wish why the world is not a marathon track.

Is that for your fitness?
Fitness is very important in everyone's life. Lot of people doesn't even care about it. I need to create awareness about it. When you cross 40, your body will react different. You can do a lot of things to stay fit throughout your life, but running is the best option.

Do you find odd to be in forest/mountain rather in city?
Actually no, lot of people think like that, but I never felt like that. If we go back hundred years, most people done farming. They all have direct contact with nature but soon technology bridges the gap between human and nature. Wherever I go trekking, I realize that lost connection with the nature. My friend told me that God was very close to us in the forest/mountain. I actually felt that couple of times. Everyone in their life should go trekking; it is one of the best stress relief as well.

About this multiple talents?
Whenever I find time, I do one of this thing which makes me happy. I have done direction/ editing, which as well has a lot of positive response. It was one of the good events; I want to thank Gillette, Blogadda and you for this wonderful opportunity. 

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  1. Such a big surprise to me!? . I was dumbstruck when you had covered all the aspects without even interviewing me... This is the biggest gift a person could receive...

    Coming to the Marathon running, the point, 'I was never a runner in my school' was wrong.. I was good at athlete in schools... in-fact, cleared Zonal level in 100 mts dash :)

    The answer for forest/mountain question was awesome.. I had not thought from that perspective :)

    Thanks once again for such a nice writing..

    1. It was all the things u tell me once, expect the running part.Ur hobbies is like a restaurant menu card, not possible to post all. :)


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