Saturday, January 17, 2015

Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

Everyone in their lives goes through this phase where they are not sure about which option to choose, which leads them a success. All it matters was making righteous choice at this crossroads of life. Sometimes the decision might ever change our life either good or bad. One such decision was taken by my friend pooja. Usually when a boy chooses his passion over commitments, it's called risk, brilliance; however, when a girl does that, family neighbors tag her as stubborn, headstrong.

Pooja's family was a middle class orthodox family. She took a loan to complete her engineering degree. She got placed in one of the reputed companies, but her offer letter was delayed. During that time, her mother who believes in astrology refers one local astrologer. He warns that Pooja should get married within three months, or else she will run away with one guy. Her family was confused; they arrange groom from her. For her marriage also they need to lend money from some local vendors. Pooja doesn't like it yet remain silent on her parent's decision. She prays god that her offer letter should receive before the groom fix. 

One day, she went to Bangalore to attend her friend marriage. She stayed there for a couple of days. When she returns home, she got an offer letter from another company. She convinced her parents that she would solve their financial problems. She joined in that company yet her mother was afraid of the astrologer's words. She sends money monthly to her parents. After 6 months, she went onsite for two years. It was that time her family clears all debts, and they even bought their own home. Pooja got many proposals in her office, but she avoided all of them. She doesn't want to make that astrologer's word true. She marries a guy who was arranged by her family. She was now living abroad with her hubby, and her parents are very proud of her.

When Pooja first got her appointment letter, her relatives discourage her. If she chooses that groom, today she might be married to some local businessman. Her family problem would have never been resolved. However, today it all changes due to her choice. I hope her story gives inspiration to all the readers.

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  1. Very true... if a guy chase his dreams, he is said to be passionate.. if a girl chase her dreams she is tagged as stubborn.. hope things changes soon

    1. Thanks deeps, I hope it ll be completely change in the next generation.

  2. Certainly inspiring. And very well told. :)


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