Saturday, January 31, 2015

What would you do if you got a #SecondChance?

Everyone in their lives has certain small wishes, which they plan to do in the future. I too have a few dreams which I have been putting off for sometime now. Mostly, the postponement was due to various reasons like financial problems, no time, stability, etc.

First one
It was a little personal, not sure whether to blog about this. My great grandfather was a very rich man; He owns a renowned luxurious home, car at his time. My mom was grown there when she was little, but soon all things fade away. I need to buy her that house and bring back her wonderful memories. Parents are always the gift from God. When we make them happy, definitely the world will be a better place to live. When I am financially stabilized, I will give my mom this gift. 

Second one
In India, there are only two climates(summer and winter) possible. I wish to view and enjoy all the climates in this world. I plan to go for a long vacation, which covers all seasons in this world. In Winter, I will be in the snow playing along with street children. In spring, I will witness all blooming colors of the flowers, leaves, landscapes. In summer, I will stay in a beach restaurant taking sun bath and oil massage in the hot sun. Finally at Autumn, when the leaves shedding from deciduous trees; I will reach out the sky and thank god for this trip. When both time and my savings join hands, I will start this journey.

Third one
I have written some short stories, reviews and facts which I have received a lot of positive feedback. I want to write one fiction novel at-least 250 pages. I had a plot in my mind for some time now. It was about  a common man, his incredible journey of spiritualism. He was an atheist since childhood, after a lot of hurdles, He discovers God in a pure form. It was not based on any religion. When I get time, inspiration and guidance, I will start on this project.

I want to thank BlogAdda and MaxLife Insurance for this wonderful contest. It will surely inspire all avid bloggers. 

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  1. Wish you all the best for your novel.... :) First copy is for me.. and i am sure, i will write a review about your novel in my blog :)


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