Friday, February 6, 2015

My #SoundOfLove Story

There are always two phases in every single love story. First one is falling in love; It is an easy one. Everyone falls for someone, but to pick the right one was very important in this phase. Second one is proposing, most love stories end here. It is a very hard thing. Some even not reveal their love, but this phase decides the climax of the story. I am going to write here about this phase only. This story belongs to my friends Mr. and Mrs. Chandru and I am writing it on behalf of them.

Let's come to my story, It was our final day in college. I am in love with my long time friend Shruthi. She is a very typical person, always loves unique movies, books, places, things, etc. So, I decide to propose in a unique way. Well, when it comes to the proposal; there are various ways to sweep our partner's feet, but finding a unique one was quite hard. I was just thinking about this when she enters our class. She looks awesome in her green salwar kameez. Since, it was our last day; everyone exchanges slam book. She gives me her pink book, I flip it through some pages where many guys wrote about her. I start filling the form one by one and pause it for the last query. The question asked was "What do you think about MYSELF? (go on, spell out everything)" I fill my answer and gave it to her with a smile. 

Shruthi takes the book along with her in a private place. She urges to my page, when reading it a few drops of tears dwells from her eyelids. She weeps with happiness covering her mouth in hand. My answer to the question was "You are the best thing that happened in my life. I always need you to scold me, teach me, guide me, inspire me, like me, love me. Will you marry(be with me always) me ?" I reach that place standing next to her. She hugs me and plants the first kiss of my life. My beautiful life starts on this day and it got better after our marriage. 

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  1. Let me send a copy of this to your mom and dad :P

    1. Kindly note the last line of first paragraph. I will escape :p

    2. lol.. seriously that's what saves us :P
      here is my entry..

    3. That is a nice one, even better than mine.


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