Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bluestone #SoundOfLove

Today is my 34th birthday, as I am getting one year older. I look myself in-front of the mirror and wonder what all went wrong over a few years. I have a few white hairs and my body isn't fit as it was before. There are a few wrinkles in my face as well. 

My mobile beeps, It was some advertisement call; I cut it and glance the smart guy in my phone wallpaper. It was my hubby Ram, a software engineer. He is a workaholic, perfectionist and the most adorable guy in my life. I have a huge crush on him since my college days, I never thought he would have proposed to me one day. Whenever we have fight, he is always the first one to say sorry. I used to think about him not realizing the time was gone noon.

Ram is always the first one to wish me a birthday. He often takes me to the temple and mostly spend the whole day with me, but this is the first time we are separated due to his official work abroad. I am waiting for his call from the morning, but not reached anything from him. Since, it has been his first time abroad; He was a little tensed about the climate, food, people there. 

My cellphone beeps again, this time it was my hubby. He begins in a tense voice "Hello, do me a favor, I forget one file which I need it urgently.I thought he may be in some meeting, I respond   "Where it is? How to send it?" He replies in a polite tone "I need softcopy only, it was in our bedroom drawer." I wonder, he never would have kept his official things there. Anyway, I checked the drawer; it doesn't have any pendrive. it has a one small gift box, I took the box in my hand. My husband sings
"Happy birthday to dear Revathi" 

I open the box, it contains a bluestone Smiraan ring. My lips smile as I suggest him to buy it a couple of months before. I never thought he would gift that to me. It was a wonderful feeling, I felt everyone should surprise their partners often. This post is written on behalf of my cousin Revati, she is a homemaker.

"I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity atBlogAdda in association with Bluestone

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