Friday, March 20, 2015

Blogger Dream Team - Cricket World Cup

I am accessing world cup based upon the  performanceCricket is a sport loved by billions in our nation.  I follow cricket from 2003 world cup, where Indians lost to the mighty Aussies. I was heart-broken when Sachin was out in the first over of the massive target(359/2). In that era, 350 plus chase was not possible. Today, the game has changed drastically with the invention of T20 games, new rules, power-plays, heavy bats, etc. Nowadays, teams are even ready to chase 400 plus targets. Let's analyse batting, bowling and fielding individually in detail.

Batting standards have been widely improved in the current world cup when comparing the current statistics to previous. I would like to remember another statics aswell. Since 2010, four batsmen have crossed 200 plus(highest individual score) runs five times in 50 over format. In this world cup even the first world cup 200 also arrived in the name of Gayle storm. A famous quote says  that "In 2010, God of cricket reaches 200. In 2015, Godzilla of cricket does the same :)". 

I think 300 is the new 250 target for the current world cup. Teams are posting more 300 plus, 350 plus, 400 plus totals than 2011 world cup. The Batsman is scoring more 150s, 100s, 50s than previous tournament. In the last two years fastest 50, 100, 150 comes from AB de Villiers(Superman of South Africa). His 360 degree batting rewrites the cricket book. He almost murdered the cricket ball takes his team to 400 plus total couple of times.Whether batting is all about slogging? Whether conventional batting works no more? No, Look at the world school; Kumar Sangakkara has gone pass 500 runs in this current world cup with four centuries on the trot. Brendan Taylor passes 400 plus runs without much slogging. 

On the flip side of it, bowlers also demanding respect. All teams prefer five bowlers rather than having four or three. Only a full time bowler can put pressure on batsman and pick wickets regularly because run rate is never matter now. We can see even some small teams reach 200 in 40 overs, the difference is only the wickets. If they have enough wickets they can accelerate at the final ten, fifteen overs. Fast bowlers in this world cup are clocking more than 140 plus speed. It was not only speed, but the line, length, surprise bouncer, unplayable yorker was a treat to watch.

Mystery spinners are more successful this day. Saed Ajmal, Ashwin, Sunil Nuraine has the best economy rates and they can make a crucial break through's. Whether normal off spinners, leg spinners survive in this modern day cricket? Yes, look at the 35 year old Daniel Vettori. He was at the top five wicket takers list and has the best economy rate. 

Finally, it was fielding. Standards have been lifted enormously. If we go before a decade, there are only two fielders comes to my memory. It was Jonty Rhodes and Mohammad Kaif. They set the benchmark which every player now following. We can see now teams have sessions and a couch for ground fielding and catching. An old saying still remains true "Catches win matches". We have seen now the teams drops many catches suffers it's consequences. Direct hit, boundary saving dives are also now part of the cricket skills. 

Overall, cricket world cup has increased it standard over the years and this is by far the best world cup I have watched. This post is for the #BloggerDreamTeam contest conducted by Blogmint.

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