Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Gift to remember

My Mom is visiting me for the first time since I moved to the new city. She was a school teacher, it's her nature that she asks so many questions. She usually scolds me for pretty much everything I do, but always loves me. I kind of miss her these days. To my surprise, she arrived earlier than the expected time. I welcome her in the door. She hugs me and immediately notice the smell. She asked, "whether you have taken a bath ?" I replied "Yes, mom but it was yesterday." She angrily responded "First go and take bath Sanju." 

Door bell rings, it was a courier man from snapdeal. My mom picks collects the cover, she unwraps it. She immediately starts her lecture "Why are you buying it in online? it is not good to purchase an item without viewing it." I replied her "I purchased it in snapdeal mom, it was one of the best online shopping website." She shakes the box and shoots her next question "What if it is a different item?" I calmly replied "It won't be, we can file a complaint and they will take back this product. We can also get back our money or can repurchase our product." She opens the box. It was a gift box of a golden watch which I have purchased. She wondered "It looks like a ladies watch. Whether it is for your Girlfriend? " I smiled softly. She raised her eyebrows "You don't have a taste, it won't be good for a young lady." I replied "Who said it was for a young woman. I knew her for a long time, she is now the principal of Sakthi Matriculation school." I took the watch and tie it in her hand. "Happy promotion, principle madam." She looks speechless, there was a glimpse of a tear and smile in her face. She replied with a smile "Thanks, son." 

She looks the bill and scolds me again. "It was Rs 1000 /-, I would have bought this for 500 in the local bazaar." I explained her "Market products won't have a warranty. They won't last longer. It was a quartz watch, very royal look. Meanwhile, I won a gift voucher of 1000 rupees in blogadda. I bought it via voucher, hence I didn't pay a penny." My mom angrily told "I got promoted, you don't even spend a penny." I gave a deep breath and replied her "Come on mom."

"I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.


  1. I love your mom's dialog at the end, ""I got promoted, you don't even spend a penny."

    Women's attitude never change :P irrespective of mother, grandma, daughter, lover, friend, child....:P

    1. Yeah. that is why Lord made men kind hear-ted. :)


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