Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I see Humans but no Humanity

It was a hot day in Chennai. I got stuck in a heavy polluted traffic, it was a long queue. I was already late for a meeting. Mr.Aditya was a leading industrialist, he is waiting for me to discuss his future insurance plans. I got a call from Mukesh sir, my boss. He urges me to attend the client immediately. I lie him that I will be there in a few mins. My job is never an easy one. I used to travel at least 100 km a day. It will drain you both mentally and physically. I am waiting in the first row, timer was now in 55 seconds. It should be clear soon.

Suddenly, there was  a loud sound towards my left side. I noticed a car racing very fast in the right. It was a ford, red color. It hit a road crossing pedestrian. He looks like an old man bleeding all the way. Some crowd covers this terrible sight. Time was running, I need to pick anyone a dying old man or a reputed client. I noticed everyone there was looking at each other, but no one ready to escort him. I took a brave decision to save his life. I cleared the crowd, I stopped the passing auto.

I took my lengthy kerchief and tied tightly around his head. It stops the bleeding a little bit. A couple of guys helped me in carrying him, we loaded in the auto. I kept his head on my lap, he was crying in pain. Auto reached the nearby hospital, their staffs rush to the spot. They took him in the stretcher heading towards the Intense Care Unit(ICU). I am waiting outside, I glance myself, my white shirt and brown pant was all red now. I wash myself and I took my mobile. It has seven missed calls from my boss. I don't know what to tell him.

I attend the call, to my relief. My boss intimates that Adithya has changed the schedule. I told my boss that I am in that Adithya's place. He told that he has some medical emergency. I thank God for that, he has always better plans for good. Doctor came out of the operation theatre and reveals that the old man is out of danger now. Another man looks concerned joined the conversation. I hope it should be the old man's relative. He signed the application form as Aditya Roy.

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