Monday, February 9, 2015

Social Media on Mobile Vs Web

It is a fictional conversation between mobile and web, fighting about their dominance in today's technology. The chart implicit the count of users who uses mobile and web from 2007 to 2015.

Mobile : Hey web, have you checked the recent statistics? I will dominate you by a large margin in the upcoming days. The future definitely belongs to me.

Web : Ok mobile. so, you thought you were better than me.

Mobile : Definitely, everyone knows that.

Web : All social media sites started first on the web only which was later implemented for mobile. I have been in an era without you, but you can never be without me. So, who is best?

Mobile : I am directly bringing everything in the user's pocket. In Web, each time user needs to login to check his social site, but I have apps where they need to authenticate one time.

Web : Your app need to be downloaded, installed; where nothing required in mine.

Mobile : I may take some space, but I am providing much reliability to the users. For example, a user can update his status, photo, video on the go. Where as in the web we need to refresh the page for each photo upload. it's time consuming.

Web : Ok, I agreed. Have you ever thought about the developers developing your app ? They need to develop each one for each of your OS (android, microsoft, blackberry, IOS) whereas I am common in all mobiles.

Mobile : You are common across all mobiles, but who cares about it. I am bringing everything to the table, that is important. Please don't argue, accept the fact that I am better than you.

Web : You are like a motor vehicle, You provide speed, comfort, style to users. but, accidents can happen. A virus in your app can make the mobile hang, restart. I am like a bicycle; not fast as you, but always the safest option. I accept that you are the future. but, all your app needs me for backend processing.  

Mobile definitely is the best one, but it depends upon the web. It was like players and coach, players are the on field performers which we all know. We don't know how the coach trains his players on the backend. It was the same between mobile and web where one shines in front and the other is the source for that.

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  1. I liked your post! Creative and covers every point. I feel your post is a winner for sure! Congrats in advance :)

    1. Thanks Amreen for your nice words. I feel really like a winner now :)

  2. Loved it.. Read mine too....

  3. Very concise and to the point post! All the best :)


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