Sunday, September 29, 2013

Raja Rani Movie Review

'Raja Rani' is a dream debut made by Atlee kumar. The film receives positive review and it's definitely a worth watch. John (Arya) marries Regina (Nayantara) in a church and take vows. The couple lack chemistry initially and often fights. At one night, Regina suffered a stroke, where John admit her in hospital. Regina reveals her old love life to John. In 2008, Regina meets innocent call center guy Surya(Jai). She often tease him and they both love each other. Surya went to US for his training and never returned back which made both Regina and her darling father James(Sathya raj) sick.

After hearing his wife's past life, John shows interest in her but it was heavily opposed by Regina. John's friend Santhanam tells Regina that John also have a past life where loves and marries a beautiful Keerthana. Keerthana calls John as brother initially, later confronts her love. After few scenes, she got hit by a car and found dead instantly. John also marries Regina against his wish; so, did her. After few egos, finally the couple admits their love and join hands.

  • G.V.Prakash kumar music is a big positive, where his BGM even outshine his music.
  • Nayanthara made her third comeback to the industry. What to say? It was her best performance till date. Her stroke scene, crying scene was mesmerizing.
  • Jai's character is quite similar to yenkaum yepothum, yet again he delivers his best. His scenes are the best scenes in the movie.
  • 19 year old Nazriya promises she will rule southindia in a couple of years. Her cute reactions are the best and the only reason to watch in the second half.
  • Camera work is fantastic. Initial scene,  church wedding was like watching a Hollywood film. Lot of colors added. The water drop frills, sun rays falling under the leaves are the best.

  • Arya made a look like some Bollywood heroes, so did his acting. He gave plain reactions to most scenes. He looks more handsome but more plain.
  • The climax is little bit lengthy and not impact as well.

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