Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vathikuchi Movie Review

A.R.Murugadoss produced his second film "Vathikuchi" which made slightly less impact than his first film "Engeum Epothum". Vathikuchi has a typical tamil commercial plot where the hero saves the innocent from the villans. But, it was shown in more realistic and entertaining way. It spotlights the morning crime in the city and how things changed the innocent man's life after he started helping strangers.

The film can be totally divided in to two phases. One was a thrilling action package and another one was a light romantic phase. Sakthi(Dhileepan), a share auto driver helps the strangers blindly with out expecting anything from them which leads to anger of three baddies. Each one plans and tries to assault him in a unique manner. The brisk screenplay tells how he escapes from their death trap.

Leena (Anjali), a typical girl in Chennai who initially rejects the love of Sakthi, later accepts his love and confronts at the climax. This part was one of the lean phase in the film where it completely change gears from a action thriller to romantic comedy.

A couple of songs are nice to hear. Action scenes are more realistic and was one of the major pros in the film. Debutant Dhileepan shows good signs in action and thriller phase where lacks some chemistry with Anjali. Anjali's role was quite similar to her previous films which was sometimes irritating to see. Debutant Director Kinslin make his mark as a commercial director. Soon, expecting him to work with some big actors.
Overall, a good entertainer movie where the first half was highly entertaining and the second half was slightly a disappointment.

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