Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gambhir and Bisla sledging Dravid

His image taking a bit of beating after verbal duel with Rahul Dravid during Friday's IPL game, Gautam Gambhir on Saturday sought to clear the air by saying that he never exchanged any harsh words with the legendary batsman, who remains a respected figure for him. 

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This is the second time that Gambhir is involved in such an altercation. In an earlier IPL match, he and Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli were involved in an ugly on-field spat. 

On Friday night in the fifth over of the KKR innings, first Manvindra Bisla and Shane Watson started a verbal duel when the latter threaten to throw a ball back the batsman. Dravid tried to calm down Bisla but the stumper wanted him to cool off Watson first. Gambhir who was batting at the other end, also joined the heated discussion. 

In the next over, when Gambhir was stumped by Dinesh Yagnik off Watson, it looked that the batsman again exchanged some words with Dravid before walking off. 

However, Gambhir early Saturday morning clarified that there no such altercation happened. 

"Guys, u have got it all wrong. No harsh words exchanged between me n Rahul bhai. He was n will always be a respected teammate. No fuss plz," he wrote on his twitter page. 

Gambhir actually ridiculed the way last night's incident is being circulated. 

"Guess we are always obsessed wid some drama or spice. Sorry none existed between me and rahul. Always respect him," read his second tweet. 

Before Gambhir took the social networking site to clear his stand, his India teammate Ravindra Jadeja castigated him for not respecting the legend. 

"Gambhir you might have won the game, but you lost all the respect of Blue Billion and you'll never get it back," Jadeja wrote in a series of tweets. 

Comparing Gambhir with hot-headed Kohli, in the backdrop of the spat between the two, Jadeja rated the Bangalore skipper better. 

"Kohli is way better than #Gambhir, at least he respects the legends." 

Jadeja also did not spare Bisla, writing, "Awkward moment when a guy who can't even catch a ball, #Bisla, sledges the Gentleman of Cricket, #Dravid." 

"If Cricket is a gentleman's game,Rahul Dravid is that Gentleman." 

Not only Jadeja, but also Australian spin legend Shane Warne, who led the Rajasthan Royals to IPL title in 2008, railed the Indian opener. 

"Question cricket followers - is Ghambir in the top 3 annoying cricketers on the planet ???," Warne wrote on his twitter page.

Source : Times of India

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