Friday, July 26, 2013

Bad Luck

It was in the early morning on the busy Monday around 7.30 am. The bus stop was almost empty with few people around. There was a school girl studying her book, a couples chatting with each other, an old man looking at the sky checking whether the sun is out. A guy joined the bus stop; he is busy talking with someone in mobile. He is well shaved, has white hair should be in his late thirties or early forties. He wears a lavender blue shirt tugged in with black pant. He has a royal blue color laptop bag on his bony shoulders. His eyes are brown covered with a black fiber framed specks where he appears like a software engineer. The climate is mild and chill, but he sweats a lot like a marathon runner. His face is tense seems like he has a problem.

He entreats someone in the mobile.

“Please Bhai, I will pay you within today. Don’t come to my home.”

He fully not convinced the caller. He pleads him with stutter.

“Please Bhai. Please!”

The call was cut down. A sense of relief was on his face which was expressed by his deep breath. He turns back and glance the people in the stop. None seem to care about him, as they were busy with their work.
He noticed something shiny in the corner of the bus stop under a white banner. He went nearby; it appears like a golden ring. It is round shaped, well polished, yellow in color. It shines like a diamond; maybe it has some supernatural powers. He cross checked and confirmed that neither is looking him nor the ring. He took his handkerchief out of his pocket and put it over the ring. He bends forward and took it along with the ring.

He sits on the bus stop seat and covered his front with his bag. He took the ring from his kerchief. It is gold, but it still glitters superficially. Once his skin touches the ring, it stops shining. There was a moulded letters in it. It states “BAD LUCK” in capital letters. He doesn’t know whether it is good or bad. But he needs money, so he keeps it back in his pocket. He was on the verge of leaving the stop before someone might come looking for the ring.

A bus arrived at the stop; only one man stops. He wears a tight red t-shirt and blue jeans. He is dark, tall and has long hair. He may be in his twenties and looks like a strong muscular guy. He saw the man sitting in the bus stop. He moves towards him.

“Good morning Kumar sir, pleasant morning.”

The one sitting at the bus stop was Kumar. He doesn’t like the dark guy coming towards him. He fears even more than before. He assured.

“Arafat, I talked to Ali sir. I will return the money within today. ”

The muscular one’s name was Arafat. He doesn’t care to listen Kumar. He grabs Kumar’s shirt and pulled toward him.

“You filthy one, you are already late by two weeks.”

Kumar couldn’t move, he doesn’t have the strength to fight. He urges.

“I have talked to him. I will give all the money within today. Please, let me go.”

Arafat released him with a thought. He adjusts Kumar’s shirt and specks;  Arafat reveals his visit.

“Ali bhai sent me here.”

He folds Kumar’s right hand backwards and pushes him with his full force against the wall. Kumar was now breathing heavily in pain. Arafat charges with even more force.

“Let’s see what you will give now.”

Kumar trembles and pleads in fear. He thought he induced Ali.

“I don’t have anything now. Please, leave me.”

Arafat looks for the pockets of Kumar. He found some money and also the ring which he kept hidden in his pockets. Arafat took the ring, it glitters. He smiled.

“You don’t have anything then what is this?”

Kumar is speechless; he keeps thinking about the reason. Arafat punches Kumar in his face with his strong fist. Kumar falls down teeth broken. Arafat pointed his forefinger

“I will keep this. You pay and get it back.”

Arafat wears the ring in his fingers. It is very loose to him. He doesn’t mind. The next bus arrived at the stop. Arafat turned back; he kissed the ring in his fingers and tells Kumar

“Thank you.”

Kumar just manages to get up and sit on the seat as the bus moves away from him.

Arafat stands in the footboard of the bus. He stretched one of his arms and stylishly fix his hair. The word in the ring glitters again; He keeps glaring it without any clue.

Suddenly, His foot slipped from the bus. He lands with his head and rolls down on the middle of the road. A lorry in the back got over his body. He was dead instantly. Crowd surrounded him; they wondered why would this happen.

The ring falls down on the platform which was very loose in his finger. Another stranger on the road, come and took the ring in his hands. It states “BAD LUCK”.


  1. Replies
    1. It was written as a one film screenplay. Hence, short one.

  2. Logical Story,,,, Can Make the Sory As long As long it go By using veraities insidance Get into This story,,,, But It's Nice,,,,!!!!!

    1. Jey, it was written for a one min film. :)


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