Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kumki Review

The film which shows the ordinary people in a extraordinary location. It is a visual treat to watch the hills and forests of Adhi Kadu. The first scene started when a wild elephant (Komban) destroys the villagers harvests. Booman (Vikram prabhu) brought his trained elephant Manickam along with his assistants (Thambi Ramaiah and Aswin) for rescue process.

Booman met Alli (Lakshmi Menon), daughter of chieftain Mathaiyan in the village and eventually falls for her. His attraction for her forces him to stay on in the village that expects him to save them from a gory death and provide them a safe harvest. But Bomman has no idea how he is going to do this.Everyone acted really very well in the film. 

The first half was saved by Thambi Ramaiah, his humor brought everyone laugh out loud. Visuals are another postitive aspect in the film.  The second half of the movie loses its momentum a little, walking away from the Komban storyline and focusing almost exclusively on the romance, which seems to dilute the proceedings.

D Imman scores with melodious songs such as Onnum Puriyalai, Sollitaale Ava Kaadhala and Ayyayyyayo Anandhame, which work perfectly with the movie and linger on in memory. 

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