Friday, November 15, 2013

Girl with Butterfly Tattoo

Tring Tring... The time is now 4 A.M

Alarm woke John up, as he was lying in his cart. He open his eyes in a half sleep; an old fan in the ceiling revolving clockwise. It makes some distress sound. He feels discomfort to his surprise, his both hands and legs are tied up with his bed. He tries to free himself but can't unwrap it. A stream of blood flowing on the floor. He panicked, drenched heavily and screamed for help.

A girl entered his room, she was wearing black sleeveless and trousers. He can only see her rear end, She looks damn sexy. She has long hair and red color nails. On her right shoulder, there is a butterfly tattoo. He had seen that tattoo before! if only he could remember where. He pleaded her help, She turned back yet her face is a mystery. She covered it fully with her hair. She carries a mug with hot poisonous coffee, her fingers swirl a spoon in the cup. She was approaching him slowly where he was shouting for help. He breath heavily, a pair of hands touched his cheek. He rubs his eyes; it was Sarah, his girlfriend. He realizes that he has fall from the bed asleep. He again looks up on Sarah, she looks worried. She consoled him by her sweet words "Honey, it's ok. it's just a bad dream." He stood up, she hugs him tightly. He could feel something on her shoulder, it was on her right shoulder. It's the same butterfly tattoo. She whispers in his ears "Honey, how about coffee?"

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