Saturday, November 23, 2013

Irandam ulagam review

The most awaited film of the year 2013 hits big screen on last Friday. Selavaraghavan took 2 years for this film. He also withdraws Kamal's 'Vishvaroopam' for this project. Irandam Ulagam is a bit disappointed movie which has a confusing script and dull screenplay. Arya and Anushka done a decent job but the film is only for limited audience. "How far you will travel for love" was the tagline of it. It has the glimpses of Hollywood films Avatar, Narnia, Fountain, Cloud Atlas etc.

In second world, Varna (Anushka) was an orphan girl. She fights animals and guys whoever troubles her. Her only with to join army and to fight the beasts. General's son Maruvan (Arya) follows her, helps her. We are told, that there is no love exists in this world and man wowing woman only for sex. Varna expresses her wish to join the army but the king wishes her to take in for sex. Maruvan pleads king to free her; as he will do anything for it. King orders Maruvan that he needs to kill a lion and take it's skin. Maruvan hunts the lion and take it's skin. King frees Varna and arranged marriage for both of them. Varna almost kills herself stating that she has no interest in marrying anyone. 

In real world, Madhu (Arya) works as a professor. he does lot of social works which impresses medical student Ramya (Anushka). Ramya proposes her wish of marrying him. He initially denies later falls for her. At that time, Ramya tells that her marriage is fixed with another doctor. Humiliated and disappointed Madhu locks himself in his home. In guilty, Ramya visits his home, tells that she is going to get married after her medical camp and asks him to forget her. Madhu also goes with her to medical camp. He tries to impress her; meanwhile her marriage have been canceled. Ramya confronts her love, they cherish some lovely moments. Ramya slips on the garden and got hit by the stone, died instantly.  

The film is lengthy and moving slowly with mystery, fantasy. In second half, Madhu travels from real world to second world in the search of Ramya. He founds Maruvan and Varna there as husband and wife. He fetches love between them and it was told 'That is the first love in second world.' It lags logic on lot of occasion in second half. When the interval bell rang, I thought the film was end because there was a lot of characters, stories.

  • Art direction is at it's best; trees, animals in the second world was good.
  • Camera work is brilliant; it is a treat to watch skies, forests, rain fall, snowfall, pond etc.
  • It is a positive step towards fantasy mystical films. it is a valuable attempt to convert a creators dream to reality.
  • Romance is the film is good; both Arya and Anushka have done fabulous job. 
  • Music and song picturization was good.
  • Screenplay can be fast and brisk like in 'Ayirathil Oruvan'.
  • There is a plant grows on Anushka's dead place, Arya's dead father riding a scooter and disappears in to the another world, Arya searching Anushka after she is dead are some of the scenes couldn't understand why it's happening.
  • The story in the second world was not gripping and bores.
  • No part of humor in the film.
  • Arya's look as Maruvan was filmy with long hairs and well shaved chin.

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