Sunday, December 22, 2013

If Its Not Forever. Its Not Love Book Review

I have completed reading my third and final book "If Its Not Forever. Its Not Love" of 2013. I surfed a lot of books, finally buy it in flipkart. It took me a month to complete the first half of the book, where the later half was finished in 3 hours. I haven't tried Durjoy Dutta's book before, this was my first one. He conveys the emotions perfectly through out the book with simple style of writing. At times, he repeats the words or the feel which will be a slight frustration to readers. I think of giving 3 starts to it, but towards the end; it turns very interesting. so, I will give 4/5 for this book.

It all starts with a bomb blast in delhi which killed 80 peoples. Deb survives the attack but disturbed mentally where the bad memories stuck deep in to him. He founds a diary in the blast where some of it's pages were burnt. He thought about the diary owner and it brings him panic. He reads the diary, it states a nameless guy falls in love with a girl Ragini but she loves another guy Neigel. Ragini treats the dead guy as her friend alone. Meanwhile, Neigel is addicted to drugs soon draws Ragini in to it. They both admitted in hospital and soon in rehabilitation center. Dead guy never confess his love to Ragini which intrigues Deb to find Ragini and tells his love.

Deb starts his journey on pursuit of Ragini with his carefree friend Shrey. Shrey is a playboy who changes  girlfriend often where Deb lives together with his girlfriend Avantika. They went to Dehradun by car, soon Tiya, Shrey's current girlfriend join them. Deb got a clue in Dehradun, Avantika also joins him there. They travels to Mumbai in train, then takes the flight to Banglore where they found Neigel. Finally, they found Ragini in Mumbai and there is a slight twist in the tale. They found that Ritam dey was the dead guy in the diary and he was not dead but Ragini is. Deb starts to write a story about Ritam. At the end, Ritam founds Ragini is also alive but burnt badly. Ragini accepts his love and they are soon getting married. They all live happily ever after.

  • I liked the initial scene of the Delhi blast. it was written beautifully. It hits me; how peoples are helpless in this kind of disasters, how a normal guy's can turn completely. how we are thinking about it as just a news.
  • The love story in the diary was nice. When i read it, i have goosebumps on certain parts  about the dead guy's crippled sister, about Ragini addicted to drugs with Neigel.
  • It has a certain small awareness about how small drinks, drugs where it will lead to.
  • There is a twist in the tale at end. I loves the start,end and certain scenes in the middle.
  • Avantika's character is lovely; initially she was shown only for sex. but her character blooms after she reads the diary.
  • Ritam Dey is the single handed reason to keep moving the story in the middle.
  • I like the end how all it's end.
  • Deb's shifting gears was tough to follow. One time, he is thinking about the dead guy's emotions and on the next minute about sex with his girlfriend.
  • Story moves very slowly in the middle with Shrey and his crazy girlfriend Tiya which can be written better.
  • Sex between Avantika and Deb can be cut short, it is intriguing first and bores after.

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